Building Together: Flower Box Workshop

Building Together: Flower Box Workshop

We were so  thrilled to have such a powerful response to our Flower Box Workshop.

In our attempt to create this hands-on activity around our work, every aspect of this workshop is connected to the Smith Flooring vision in some way. To our commitment to community outreach, women empowerment and of course, family.

We had an incredible time with everyone who attended. It was such a diverse group, with varies levels of building experience. The overall goal was to get everyone comfortable with getting dirty and using tools to create something functional. We thought, a flower box was a perfect addition to anyone’s home or garden and what a great item to build as we approached springtime.

Flower boxes are one of the most traditional and beloved garden additions. The container gardens are able to be placed in a variety of spaces, bringing the beauty of flowering plants virtually anywhere around your home.


“This event is personal to me because I absolutely love flowers. It’s something that my grandmother shared with me growing up and it has stayed with me into adulthood.”

– Angelique Hunter, Smith Flooring Event Coordinator

Rosa Armstrong, our instructor, is a mother and nurse by day, carpenter by night, who started building out of necessity. Her daughter wanted a loft bed and she simply couldn’t find one that was of substantial quality that fit her budget. She found some plans online, bought some wood and the rest is history. After completing the bed, she couldn’t resist the urge to build. She began to all types of household items. Her rising YouTube channel, sevnth.shoppe, seeks to encourage novice builders that they can build anything.

Thanks to our amazing participants, we were able to raise our goal of $500 in donations for the NAWIC Philadelphia Chapter #145 MAGIC CAMP.  MAGIC is free, week-long day camp for 7th to 12th grade girls to introduce them to a potential career in the construction industry.  Many young girls are unaware of the possibility of a rewarding and financially beneficial career in the construction trades or related fields.  MAGIC is designed to give them real hands-on experience.

We look forward to curating another workshop very soon. To all of our participants, our team and to Rosa and her beautiful family. Thank you all!

"We are a business family, not a family business."

Kristin Smith isn’t just a woman who owns a substantial enterprise that employs several family members and loyal employees. She is extremely proud of her company’s stature in the community and its ability to provide jobs and contributions to philanthropic endeavors. So what’s the problem?

“How long can we keep this going?” I asked, as we sat in the break room. She nodded her head and stared down into her Smith Flooring coffee mug. “Time will tell,” she said with a sigh. “But a lot things will change too.”

Smith, along with her husband James, are very identified with their business. It can be extremely difficult to face the harsh reality of their situation. In business, even family business, in order to succeed you must do what’s necessary. A business can survive only if it is profitable and competitive, which at times can require unpleasant cost-cutting or people decisions.

Kristin understanding the struggles of business and the dynamics of running a household, knows that her situation is not so different from that of other family firms in which relationships, tradition or comfort are put above the best interests of the business.

Family businesses, after all, are the backbone of our economy, creating wealth, success and rags-to-riches stories that are so widely admired. In fact, the family connection is precisely the reason why many family businesses achieve success, creating the pressure to work harder, serve better and offer more flexibility and responsiveness to customers than their corporate competitors. A family business can also provide a sense of purpose and meaning to the family.

However, as Kristin can readily attest, it’s tough to be objective in a family business environment, especially with everyone’s vision of where the company should go next is of their own perception and motives.

After the family took a seminar at Haub school of business at St. Joe’s University on family business succession, Kristin was determined to gain a better understanding of her business’ core values and the shared vision of each and every employee.

“It’s extremely tough, as a mother to make such tough calls in business,” says Smith. “Family members can be re-positioned to more appropriate roles or simply let go. Performance targets must be established, and people need to be held accountable. This can be an extremely difficult time for the family, especially those personally affected by such decisions, but we have an obligation to the families we provide income for and hold things together as a family first.”

Shifting from a “Family Business” to a “Business Family” may look subtle on paper, but the implications of the two diverging approaches are profound. Here’s the difference: A Family Business is driven by family loyalty and harmony as a primary goal, causing choices that often trump profitability and performance, even to the detriment of the business’s long-term viability. A Business Family, on the other hand, recognizes performance and competitive profitability as the main things that will provide long-term sustainability, outweighing short-term family loyalty considerations, thus becoming the primary criteria for decision making—even if it is difficult. A business family understands that family harmony is not a goal; it is a byproduct. When the focus is on performance, the business generates cash, which in turn leads to dividends, distributions and growth in stock value, and these are what set the table for satisfied family members.

“We try different exercises that we learned from our SJU seminar, when what used to work doesn’t work so well anymore. Communication is always welcomed. That’s what makes us a family and including that in our business is something we are proud of.  Our business, however, will stand firm on making the hard decisions, understanding that what is best for the business is ultimately best for the family.”

Cool carpet, pandas and selfies...No flooring project should be this fun!

It’s not too often that our team gets THIS excited for a completed flooring project.  Inside of Round 1, a new state-of-the-art entertainment facility in the Exton Square Mall in suburban Philadelphia, lies more than 60,000 square feet of fun!


The store offers bowling, billiards, arcade games, darts, ping pong and food and beverages (adult beverages too).  The arcade floor is full of claw games for any plush toy addict.  Similar to other family entertainment centers, Round 1 has a little something for all ages, but, has a Japanese kawaii twist. Members of our team have been patiently waiting for this project to complete to enjoy the facility with friends and family.



“I was thrilled to see the amazing installation of this super cool carpet by Astro Mills in person.  But when I saw the claw game full of cute plush toy pandas, my favorite animal, I had to stop and take a selfie,” says Angelique, Director of Marketing and PR. “As a kid I was obsessed with kawaii fashion and culture. I love to see that same culture inspiration throughout this entertainment center for family. It’s massive!”

The Smith Flooring solution; a vibrant design that leaves a lasting impression paired with durability for high traffic.  Astro Mills Carpet, specializes in bright colorful fluorescent carpet that is long lasting and low maintenance.  This carpet was installed throughout the all the arcade areas.

For the bowling areas, where safety is top priority, Smith Flooring installed Armstrong Standard VCT to protect customers from slipping and falling when entering the bowling lane areas, perhaps carrying food and beverage. Armstrong VCT is a staple in commercial flooring, best known for it lasting beauty in high-traffic areas.


With family being the cornerstone of Smith Flooring values, we are always excited to complete projects that promote community and bring folks together.  Perhaps you have a family or children’s facility that could use updating, or opening an indoor play or pool area that needs flooring that is both dynamic and safe.  Email our team of experts at They are here to help.


PROJECT: The Divine Lorraine Hotel

Take a peek into one of the units inside the Divine Lorraine Hotel. Smith Flooring is a proud partner in the residential renovations of this Philadelphia landmark.

Abandoned for over a decade, this architectural wonder finally has a new purpose, luxury residences. Smith Flooring contributes flooring solutions in the hallways and in all 101 units.

Expertly installed luxury vinyl plank by American Biltrite throughout each unit and Shaw carpet in the bedrooms.

Schönox + SFI

Often the best answer for a challenging subfloor is a self-leveling compound.  Schönox HPS North America recently gave our team a live demonstration and review of their products at our Chester, PA facility.  Our team was more than impressed with how easy this product performs, its environmentally sound components as well as the features to keep installers safe.  Regional Business Manager of Technical Sales, Bernie Cooper, gave a comprehensive review of their 2 flagship products AP and APF.   Here is everything you need to know.  

Speed + Results

The Schönox product combines top speed with results. The product performance has a much higher compressive strength than any of the concrete based competitors because of it’s synthetic gypsum base. Knowing that in  time is money, Schönox product has drying times ranging from 24 hours to as little as 2-3 hours depending on the moisture at on the job site.

Environmentally Responsible

Schönox takes pride in their product-integrated environmental protection and a more energy-efficient production process. Environmental protection in Schönox focuses on:

  • preventive environmental protection
  • saving resources (raw materials, energy and water)
  • waste avoidance

Healthy for Installers 

Most self leveling products will create a huge dust cloud when mixing the product causing tiny pieces of cement to fill the breathing air of installers. But with Schönox products, which are essentially dust free and the two flagship products are not cement based, installers can be confident in this minimal emissions product.

It’s no wonder Schönox is no stranger to the flooring industry. With their full line of primers, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds, and adhesives you can save time and money.

The result is a smooth, sound subfloor ready for flooring installation in less time and prepared in an environmentally-responsible manner. Schönox offers a self-leveling solution that dries in two hours, an option for exterior use, as well as products made with recycled content.

Let us know if you need help with your sub floor restoration project by emailing us at

New Changes at Smith Flooring Inc

Something look a little different?  Yes, we would say so.  After 10 proud years in business we rebranded with a new website and fresh social media platforms.  We haven’t changed our name, but we believe that our new identity better represents our purpose and depth of work we provide.  This rebrand isn’t just cosmetic, yet a reflection of the many changes we’ve made internally.

We’ve made some additions to our team, staying true to our diversity outlook. Also, we have implemented new technology to better serve our employees and our customers.

Our website has been completely redesigned to make it easier to view the variety of services we offer and previous performances.  The ‘Our News’ section serves as our blog that will contribute industry news as well as keep you up-to-date on our projects and engagements.  Our social media platforms have been refreshed with streams of relevant content to engage with our industry and potential clients.

As the new year begins, we’re happy to welcome two new SFI employees.  They bring fantastic skills and experience to our team, and we look forward to the contributions they will make.  We are pleased to introduce Angelique Hunter, who will be managing our marketing team and Birgit Wagner, who will be handling all of our administrative services.

We are extraordinarily excited about our new direction and vision and believe that everyone doing businesses with Smith Flooring Inc. will benefit from our new changes.  Get in touch with us at for expert solutions to your commercial flooring project.