Even in a tight family owned business, feedback is still an obstacle. Often management feels uncomfortable giving direct, behaviorally based feedback on performance to administration and labor staff alike.


We partnered with Youth Build Philly for the final Smith Shop workshop of the year on feedback. The intent of the workshop was to provide a structured approach to feedback, teaching YBP students how to give and receive effective feedback on the job site and in the workplace, by using an interactive workshop format. This workshop was facilitated by Angelique Hunter and Jelissa Jones of Smith Flooring Inc.


Starting with seven simple steps for giving effective feedback, students were given a practical way to execute a hard conversation in the workplace. These simple steps were used to develop strategies for framing the feedback in terms which are useful for students looking to take on a management role or becoming a better team player. This workshop also included the development of the workshop scenarios which participants were provided specific strategies for giving and receiving effective feedback in various situations.

About the Smith Shop Initiative:

Smith Shop is an event series organized by Smith Flooring Inc. giving students, emerging professionals and local community members the opportunity to interact with tools and professionals in the design, building and construction field. This initiative will encourage engagement and discussion through a range of events—including workshops, panel discussions, round tables, lectures, networking events, site tours, online activities, etc.—that address different aspects of the construction industry. These events will provide all generations the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and participate in hands on activities, while giving established builders and designers the opportunity to support an under served community. Smith Shop will create a structure that is self-perpetuating, providing tools and support for our young people to develop rewarding careers and become tomorrow’s building leaders.